Saturday, July 27, 2013

When Do You Go Back to School Linky, Educate and Inspire’s Giveaway, & iPad Giveaway

  I'm joining Jessica from Literacy Spark for her linky party, "It's Time!! When do you go back?".

Link up and share when you officially start back at school.  How many days of work do you have before the students come back?  What do you spend those days doing?  How are you feeling about going back...?!

School officially starts back for me on August 12.  I will have three days of professionally development before the students come back. Hopefully, I will have some time to work in my room.

Until a couple of days ago, I was SUPER excited about going back to work.  I talked to my principal on the 23rd. She told me that she was THINKING about moving me to a different grade and wanted to know how I felt about it. As all my super plans (I found via blog stalking.) for the upcoming year flashed before my eyes, I told her that I was not comfortable about moving.  Without shedding a tear, I then stated that I would perform whatever job tasks she assigned to the best of my ability. Now I’m SUPER anxious, but still excited. I won’t know her final decision until Monday.  I’m truly optimistic about the upcoming school year. After all, it is what it is, but it will become whatever I choose to make it. I choose to make it an AWESOME year!!! 
Have you heard about Kate’s awesome giveaway at Educate and Inspire? It’s a 5 day giveaway packed with awesome prizes.  I just found out I won the giveaway for Day 1!!! I won 10 products and her awesome smartphone clip art. There are 4 more giveaways to go. Click on the picture above and check it out!!! 

There is also another great giveaway for an iPad for you and a friend at Teacher Created Resources.


  1. Oh no! I hope that you get to stay in the same grade...that's really short notice. But like you said, I'm sure you'll do fine with whatever decision is made. Thanks for linking up!

  2. That sucks but I'm sure you'll do great in whatever grade you get! Congrats on your win!

  3. I hope you get to stay in your same grade too! It is one thing to know at the end of the year because you have all summer to prepare but a lot harder when you only have a week or so! Crazy! Keep us posted! :)

    Learning to the Core

  4. Wow! Not much time to prepare if you have to move grades...Eeek!

    Teaching Little Miracles