Thursday, July 11, 2013

My First Award Nomination


I can’t believe that my fellow NBOTB (New Blogger on the Block) Lori at Second Grade Serenade nominated me for the Liebster Award.  I just started blogging. I’m having fun interacting with new people.  All this exposure to countless innovative ideas has inspired me to try to become more creative. 

Here are the rules for accepting this nomination:

1. Link back to the nominating blog.

2. Nominate 5 and up to 11 new blogs that has 200 or fewer followers.

3. Answer the questions posted for you by your nominator.

4. Share 11 random facts about yourself.

5. Create 11 questions for your nominees.

6. Contact your nominees and let them know you have nominated them.  

Here the questions that Lori asked me:

1. What is your favorite T.V. show?  Drop Dead Diva

2. If you could move to anywhere in the world where would it be? Australia

3. What is the name of your favorite childhood teacher and why were they your favorite?  My favorite teacher was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Stewart. She always made learning fun and looked fierce while doing it.  I even witnessed her jumping rope in stilettos a few times.

4. What is one thing that you would like to do differently this school year? I want to incorporate the Daily 5.

5.  When do you have to return to school?  August 12

6. Target or Walmart?  Walmart

7. Which celebrity would you like to meet and what would you say to them? I would like to meet Bono of U2.  I want to know if he’s found what he’s looking for.

8. What was your proudest moment?  I think my proudest moment was when I was chosen as teacher of the year at my school.

9. Apple Juice or Orange Juice?  Orange Juice

10. Yoga, Zumba or Cycling or none of the above?  I order the Zumba dvds and they arrived right before June.  Now if I could only open the box.

11. Are you an early bird or night owl?  I’m up before the roosters August through May; but when schools out, I’m a nocturnal creature.

 Here are 11 random things about me

1. I believe that family is the heart of the soul.

2. My teenage son has Aspergers.

3. I love to laugh and make others laugh.  I believe I was a comedian in a former life.

4. My favorite color is red, but I have been told I look GREAT in yellow.

5. This will be my third year teaching second grade.

6. I have never seen an episode of Scandal. 

5.  I like to write poetry.

6.  Scooby-Doo is my favorite cartoon of all time.

7.  I watch a lot of reality shows.

8.  This will be my 3rd year teaching second grade.

9.  I looped from kindergarten to the second grade with one of my classes. Yes, I’m a looping survivor!!!

10. I love romantic comedies.   

11.  I like listening to all kinds of music.  

 My Nominees

1.  Making Lemonade in Second Grade 

2.  Mme Julie's classroom

3.  LittleSecond-Grade Somebodies 

4.  Life is Great in Second Grade 

5.  S is forSecond Grade

6.  Seize the Day With Second Grade

Questions for My Nominees

1. What is your favorite song? 

2. If you could choose a $100 gift card from your favorite store, what store would you choose?  Why?

3. What is the name of your favorite cartoon and why it is your favorite?

4. What is your color scheme for the upcoming school year?

5. What was your color scheme for the last school year?

6.  High Heels or Flats?

7. Which celebrity would you like to meet and what would you say to them?

8. What is your favorite quote?

9. Chevron or Polka Dots?

10. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

11. What is your favorite thing to do when you are feeling blue?

This is truly an honor.  Thanks Lori for nominating me!!!

Second Grade Serenade

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  1. Thank you so much, Yashika! How fun! I really appreciate you nominating my lil' blog! I'll get to work on your questions very soon!

    Samantha :)
    Making Lemonade in Second Grade